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Study in England at Liverpool John Moores University

International students at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) choose to study in England because of the country's worldwide reputation for high-quality education. UK universities are highly respected, and many LJMU subjects are acclaimed for their focus on employment.

Modern British culture attracts millions of visitors each year. The UK has a wide range of international influences from the many people who have come from abroad and made it their home. This multicultural society means you can learn about different perspectives. Studying in Liverpool enables you to open your mind.

The UK is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. England is the largest country within the UK, with the highest population and the largest number of international students. Studying at LJMU, you will have the support of many other students from around the world.

Being a student in Liverpool

UK universities are focused on providing degrees that lead to career success. LJMU helps you prepare for the real-life working world. The University’s award-winning careers programme enables you to gain real-world skills and become an expert in your field.

International students feel safe in Liverpool, especially within the community at LJMU. Diversity is valued here. Liverpool is a city that embraces other cultures.

With its world famous music scene, culture and sporting heritage, this is a city with a unique identity.

Life in Liverpool, UK

student life at LJMU in the uk

Liverpool, and the UK in general, are great places to be a student. Liverpool is a vibrant city with a unique personality and a long history. The city is home to award-winning theatres, cinemas and comedy clubs, and two of England’s top football clubs, Liverpool and Everton.

UK education in Liverpool

LJMU students studying in the UK

A highly respected UK education will make you stand out to global employers when you graduate. LJMU gives you the opportunity to gain real-world skills and become an expert in your field with its award-winning CareerSmart programme, designed to make you employable.

Work after study

Start your career in the UK with the new Graduate Immigration Route – a 2-year post-study work visa for international students graduating from UK universities. You will be able to work for up to two years after graduating with your valid Student visa. Study a pathway programme and take the first step towards working in the UK.

Discover the Graduate Immigration Route

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