International Study Centre

Education in Britain

Why choose to study in Britain at LJMU?

Students choose to study in the UK because of its long history of educational excellence and high-ranking British universities. They also come to experience British culture, which has many international influences.

Studying at LJMU gives you the chance to gain a degree that is designed with your future career in mind. You can study specialised courses along with LJMU’s award-winning careers programme. It enables you to gain experience that is relevant to employers whilst you become an expert in your chosen field.

How does the British education system work?

Degree courses at LJMU are normally three years long. This is shorter than in other countries and means that it is possible to graduate sooner, which could save you money on living costs and tuition fees.

LJMU provides a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to choose from. You can begin your studies with a pathway programme at LJMU International Study Centre.

Teaching and learning in the British education system

Staff at British universities are trained to provide support to students throughout their course. At the International Study Centre and throughout your degree at LJMU, you can rely on the support and encouragement of staff who truly want to help.

The flexibility of UK degree programmes and the variety of options available allow you to pick your courses and shape your studies to make sure the programme you choose suits you.

If you study in Britain, you will be expected to learn independently outside of your classes. LJMU has three well-equipped libraries, which will give you the facilities you need to succeed in your studies as well as a quiet place to focus.

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