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Student insurance

In our experience, it is essential that international students have the protection of personal insurance for the duration of their time in the UK. The consequences of being uninsured can be extremely difficult and expensive. The StudyCare insurance policy covers loss of personal possessions as well as providing health and medical insurance.

Why StudyCare is right for International Students

StudyCare has been designed specifically to offer international students comprehensive protection and support during their studies at the International Study Centre. The insurance covers you until the end of your course.

Your questions answered

What is StudyCare?

StudyCare is a comprehensive insurance plan administered by ACE European Group Limited, a leading insurance provider.

Is it compulsory for students to have insurance?

Yes. As a professional education provider we take your safety and security very seriously. That is why we insist that all our students are appropriately insured during their time at the International Study Centre.

What will happen when I progress to my degree at LJMU?

StudyCare was designed to provide cover during your stay at the International Study Centre. Before you progress to your chosen degree at LJMU, you will need to make sure you have insurance for your undergraduate or postgraduate studies at the University.

How much will it cost?

See the fees page for the price of Studycare insurance.

How do I take advantage of the cover?

For your convenience, at the time of your enrolment, StudyCare insurance will be automatically allocated and invoiced unless you can provide proof of alternative adequate cover.

When will my cover start?

Cover for cancellation expenses starts from the moment you have paid the insurance fee in full. Cover for the remaining sections starts from the inclusive dates for which you require cover. These dates will include time for your journey to your study destination and return home.

What will I receive as proof of my cover?

The International Study Centre invoice will show that you have been charged for insurance. You will also receive a summary of cover which will show your StudyCare policy number and the 24-hour ACE Assistance emergency telephone number in the event that you need assistance whilst en route.

What happens if I cancel or change my course?

StudyCare includes cancellation and curtailment cover. Tuition and accommodation fees up to a certain level are covered if you have to cancel because of illness or accident. If you change your course, we will change the insurance period to suit the length of the course and travelling times, without penalty.

Who should I contact to make a claim?

You should telephone the claim number that is given to you when you take out the insurance policy, as soon as reasonably possible after the date of the occurrence.

Will I have to pay excess against any claims?

In some cases you will have to cover the excess yourself. Full details are set out in the StudyCare policy booklet (download from the link above).