Life in Liverpool: a comprehensive guide for international students

Students standing outside a concert hall

Welcome to Liverpool! 

This friendly city is in North West England and is a fantastic place for international students. Liverpool is not only known for its top universities but also for its exciting arts, music, and lots entertainment scene. Here, people from all around the world come together to learn, explore and enjoy everything the city has to offer. 

Whether you’re attending lectures or exploring the city streets, you will find many opportunities and adventures that make studying in Liverpool special. Let’s discover why so many students find life in Liverpool so rewarding, and why it’s the perfect place to start your international study journey.

Living in Liverpool: accommodation, culture and lifestyle

Perfectly combining peace with modern convenience, Liverpool is a great destination for international university students, inviting you into a world where education is balanced with vibrant living experiences. At the heart of this enticing locale is Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), comfortably nestled amidst the city’s diverse offerings.

Liverpool stands out not only as a hub of culture and activity but also as an affordable living space for students. Unlike larger cities such as London, accommodation in Liverpool offers a more budget-friendly lifestyle, making it an attractive proposition for students globally. Accommodation options in Liverpool are affordable and include all your bills, allowing you to focus on your studies and hobbies and ensure your time abroad is as stress-free as possible.

Consumer prices for things such as rent are 64.7% cheaper in Liverpool than they are in London (Numbeo 2023).

There’s more to Liverpool than affordable living, though. Picture a lifestyle where one moment you are relaxing on the beach, and the next you're diving into a shopping spree amid the city’s bustling retail options. Liverpool’s culture is rich and varied, offering many experiences that promise to keep your university life exciting and enriching. Whether you’re a fan of peaceful walks in the park, live music concerts or engaging art galleries, Liverpool’s student life has something for everyone.

Liverpool John Moores University proudly finds its home in a city that promises a bit of everything – a place where every international student finds something that connects with their interests. Here, your student life will go beyond textbooks and classrooms, where learning combines with culture and leisure, crafting a university experience that is as enriching as it is diverse and vibrant.

LJMU invites you to dive into a student life where every day brings new adventures, new memories, and new learning experiences, all set against the beautiful and diverse backdrop of a city that is waiting to welcome you with open arms. 

Getting around Liverpool: transportation and travel tips

Moving around in Liverpool is easy and student-friendly. The city offers various ways to travel, whether you want to explore local sights or plan a weekend getaway to nearby cities.

One of the popular means to travel within and outside Liverpool is by using Merseyrail Trains. With access to 68 stations in and around the city, it’s a convenient way to explore Liverpool. A major hub in this network is Liverpool Lime Street Station, making travelling to other cities straightforward and fast. For example, you can reach London directly in under 3 hours!

Beyond trains, Liverpool is well-connected with other modes of transportation. Buses and bicycles are common among students for daily commuting to LJMU and around the city. Buses cover extensive routes throughout Liverpool, while bike lanes and rental schemes encourage cycling as an eco-friendly and healthy alternative.

For shorter, local trips to places like Chester, the Lake District, Manchester, Birmingham and Bradford, Liverpool offers shorter travel times (ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours). This makes it possible to explore new places and make the most of them during the downtime from your studies.

Study in Liverpool: education opportunities 

Starting your academic journey at Liverpool John Moores University International Study Centre (LJMU ISC) provides you not only with an exceptional education but also a vibrant student life in the heart of Liverpool. Known for its high standard of teaching and exceptional student support, LJMU ISC is perfect for students worldwide to kick-start their career in various fields.

With a wide range of academic pathway programmes, the diverse areas of study at the International Study Centre cater to a range of interests and career aspirations. Whether you are interested in business, science or arts, our programmes are designed with an international perspective. You’ll be equipped with the skills you need to succeed at degree level and beyond.

With two dedicated Careers Zones located on the campuses, students gain invaluable access to a variety of career-enhancing opportunities and resources. These zones offer expert, personalised support from career, employability, and enterprise specialists, ensuring you develop essential skills needed when studying your degree at LJMU.

Students have access to Careers Zone 24/7, an online platform enriched with interactive career tools, job boards, e-learning modules, and assorted content in video and podcast formats. 

The best part of all these services is that they are available to LJMU students even after they graduate, ensuring you have a lifelong resource to make the most of, no matter what point of your career you are in.

Also, to bridge the gap between academic learning and professional expertise, LJMU organises regular employer events and recruitment fairs, where you can interact with professionals, explore networks, and get acquainted with the various industries aligning with your field of study.

LJMU takes pride in the success of its students and alumni, arranging talks and interactions with recent graduates to provide current students with insights, experiences, and guidance directly from those who have completed the journey before them.

If you’re interested in starting your international study journey, find out more about what you need in order to apply and when your programme starts. 

Working in Liverpool: job opportunities and career support 

There are plenty of job opportunities in Liverpool once you graduate. As an international student graduating from a UK university, you gain access to the Graduate Immigration Route, a 2-year post-study work visa. This visa is a bridge from your student life to employment in the UK, allowing you to explore, apply, and work in your chosen field. More detailed information about visa application and requirements can be found on our visa page.

Liverpool showcases a broad spectrum of opportunities, especially given its thriving sectors like health, education, finance, and the creative industries. Your degree from Liverpool John Moores University isn’t just proof of your academic prowess but also a means to various global opportunities, including in Liverpool’s diverse job market.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is Liverpool good for student life?

Yes. With a student population of roughly 70,000, Liverpool is renowned for its vibrant student life, thanks to its lively atmosphere and diverse cultural offerings.

Is Liverpool a good place to live for students?

Absolutely, Liverpool is a fantastic student city, providing affordable living, a variety of accommodation options, and a lively nightlife.

What is Liverpool known for?

Liverpool is famous for its stunning waterfront, rich history, dynamic music and arts culture, splendid architecture and top-tier museums. It also has a lively football culture, home to Liverpool FC and Everton FC.