Benefits of studying law in the UK

Two students studying at the LJMU International Study Centre

Law is one of the most popular subjects for international students to study. The subject is recognised globally as one of the most prestigious academic disciplines, which is just one of the reasons why over 9,000 international students applied to study law in the UK in the 2020-21 period (The Law Society, 2022).    

Why study law in the UK?

A UK law degree is a gateway into many prestigious careers, both inside and outside the legal system. Therefore, it is important for those who want to succeed in a law career to study in a country that leads the way in degree quality. 

The UK has a leading legal system

The UK legal system dates back more than 900 years and is one of the most influential legal systems in the world. 

Common law originated in the UK and is recognised all over the world. English common law forms the basis of 27% of legal systems across the globe including India, Australia and the US (The City UK, 2022).

The UK is home to hundreds of national and international law firms, including some of the world’s biggest. These offer excellent opportunities for work experience and career development. 

Career opportunities

Students who study law in the UK have exciting career opportunities available to them due to their strong critical thinking, expert legal knowledge and ability to work under pressure. By choosing the UK for your law studies, you will actively be part of a fast-paced and constantly evolving job market with exciting career opportunities within reach. 

Once you have graduated with a UK law degree, you will have a variety of career options available to you. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Solicitor
  • Barrister 
  • Legal executive
  • Paralegal. 

To successfully obtain these roles you may require further training and placement experience outside of your undergraduate and postgraduate study. 

High quality university teaching

Law education in the UK is some of the best in the world. There are many high standard law degrees taught at excellent UK universities. Pathway programmes such as the ones provided at Liverpool John Moores University International Study Centre give international students the skills and knowledge needed to progress to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in law at the University. 

Many UK law degrees have work experience opportunities. These are incredibly important to those looking for a career in law as they offer real world work experience. These opportunities are extremely valuable when it comes to graduating from your degree. A graduate with real world experience in the field of law will be more attractive to potential employers.  

Shorter course duration

Unlike law degrees in the US, students in the UK can earn their undergraduate degree in as a little as four years. There is also the option for a postgraduate degree, which will take one additional year to complete. 

A shorter course duration also means lower student fees. The typical law degree in the US will take around seven years to complete, amounting to a considerable amount of student fees. If you choose to study in the UK, you will only have four to five years of student fees at the end of your degree (Crimson Education, 2021). 

Improve your English and gain transferrable skills

Studying law in the UK for international students has many benefits. Not only will you receive a prestigious degree, but you will also gain valuable skills that can be applied to a diverse variety of careers. 

One of the biggest benefits is the improvement of academic and professional English language skills.  The pathway programmes at the International Study Centre have core modules in English language skills. These will boost your English speaking, listening and writing skills – all of which are essential skills for a law graduate in the UK. 

Whilst studying a law degree at the University, you will learn how to think critically, analyse problems and develop your research and writing skills. These are all skills that are highly attractive to potential employers. 

The transferrable skills gained during your studies will allow you to explore different fields, both inside and outside the legal system such as:

  • Journalism
  • Politics 
  • Teaching
  • Human resources
  • Stockbroker
  • Criminology. 

How to study law in the UK


The academic and English language standards for a law degree in the UK are high and gaining entry to one can be very competitive. Studying law in the UK for international students is made accessible thanks to the pathway programmes such as the International Foundation Year at Liverpool John Moores International Study Centre.  

The International Foundation Year in Business, Law and Social Studies is specifically designed to prepare international students to study an undergraduate law degree at the University. A combination of university style teaching, research and academic skills development and English language courses give you the best possible start to learning in the UK.

If you do not meet the entry requirements for the International Foundation Year at Liverpool John Moores International Study Centre, you can apply for the Extended International Foundation Year. The extended programme offers the same pathways as the standard International Foundation Year with an extra semester for those who need additional support. 

The successful completion of either pathway will allow you to progress to the first year of your undergraduate law degree at Liverpool John Moores University. 


Once you have successfully completed an undergraduate degree in the UK or your home country, you can take your learning to the next level with a Pre-Masters Programme at the International Study Centre. The programme is a pathway to a postgraduate degree in law at Liverpool John Moores University.

Academic modules, English language training and study skills provide excellent preparation for progressing to your postgraduate degree in law at the University.


How long does it take to study law in the UK?

A typical law degree in the UK takes three to four years to complete. This depends on where you study and whether you choose to do a postgraduate degree. 

Is it worth studying law in the UK?

Studying law in the UK is worth it. The UK legal system is globally recognised as a leading and influential system. Many countries base their own laws on this system, making the UK an excellent place to study law. 

Is law a difficult degree?

Law is a prestigious degree that requires hard work and determination. It will require you to develop your analytical thinking and English language skills. A degree in law is fast-paced and offers an exciting challenge.