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Student Story: Magomed from Chechnya

Magomed tells his LJMU story

Magomed shares his experiences of living in Liverpool and studying at LJMU 

I went to [the International Study Centre] first - I did English for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies. I did my Bachelors in Computer Technology, Masters in Microelectronic System Design and now I'm doing my PhD. I've been with LJMU almost eight years now. It's been a great experience.

When I applied for the scholarship in 2008, Liverpool was European capital of culture. I was interested in different cultures, especially European. So that was one of the reasons to choose specifically Liverpool, the city itself. I also researched universities and found that all the reviews and feedback said that LJMU is very friendly and the students were satisfied with it. The people are very friendly; always smiling, always helping, very open. It's like a second home to me now.

It would have been very hard if I hadn't gone to the [International Study Centre] to be honest because back home we have a different education system. Going to the University without that course, it would've been complicated. It was helpful to get used to the system, the teaching methods and the culture itself. The teaching style is similar in the [International Study Centre] and the University itself so it was good preparation. We used libraries and other facilities at LJMU during the English language course, so when I started my degree, I already knew where to go, where to get the books and how to use the facilities.

When I was doing my degree back home in Chechnya, I had mostly theoretical parts. When I started my Bachelors at LJMU, I was given more freedom and I was guided to do things rather than just told what to do and how to do it. That was very helpful. After the Bachelors, I realised that I can do almost any course and any job. It was preparation for life.

I'm doing my PhD and I use lots of different laboratories. LJMU has lots of very expensive facilities that are helping me a lot with my degree, with my research. Sometimes I visit different cities and universities, or ask my friends about their universities. When we start comparing the facilities - libraries, accessibility to PCs - I would put LJMU top five in the UK. Some of my friends complain that they don't have enough computers or for instance printing is very expensive or hard to get access to. LJMU is supportive in that area. We have loads of PCs, loads of brand new printers.<

I've been offered a job as a researcher assistant at LJMU. I'm going to take it because there are very interesting research and industrial projects. I'm planning to work on them for now for probably the next three years getting experience and then maybe move to the industry.

Magomed from Chechnya
English for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies
Progressed to BEng Computer Technology, then MSc Microelectronic System Design. Now pursuing a PhD.

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